Service of the Infiniti QX4 since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. Maintenance instruction
3. Routine maintenance
4. Engine
5. Cooling system and heating
6. Feed and control systems
7. Systems of start and charge
8. Transmission line
9. Brake system
10. Suspension bracket and steering
11. Body
12. Electric equipment

The Infiniti QX4 (since 1996 release)

To the Infiniti QX4 it was for the first time presented in Detroit in 1996. All cars of this brand differ in prestigious image and luxury equipment. The most part of the Infiniti models has primogenitors in Nissan scale. Not the exception and QX4 is the upgraded and richly issued version of the Nissan Terrano SUV known in the USA as Pathfinder.

In comparison with Terrano the car possesses more impressive dimensions, moldings over thresholds, overlays dilators of wheel arches, a little changed front bumper in which cut four additional headlights - head light and fog. Supplement a shildika picture on a cowl and rims.

Design of the first generation of QX4 standard for this class of SUVs of the middle of the 90th years. The bearing body with the powerful integrated stretcher, it is longitudinal the installed engine, the basic drive on back wheels, an independent forward suspension bracket (spring), the rigid back bridge on springs with system of five longitudinal and diagonal levers.

Powerful stabilizers of cross stability ahead and behind give to controllability of the car almost automobile character, but seriously limit opportunities on off road terrain.

In finishing of salon skin dominates. By it seats, a steering wheel, the check point selector lever, door panels and partially a tunnel on a floor are trimmed.

Seats have dual-mode electroheating. The joysticks operating front seats and the keys regulating an inclination of backs are successfully executed. They on a configuration correspond to a chair form so, moving them up-down and back and forth, it is easily possible to achieve ideal landing. And here you will not call back seats luxury: hardish, with an undeveloped relief, without heating. Though pillows are sewed perfectly, the back is regulated on an inclination, there are armrests with nut inserts and a lot of empty seat.

The steering column is regulated only on height, but in so wide range that the driver of any build of discomfort will not feel.

In the center of a Torpedo, creeping on "beard", the smart nut panel settled down. It frames the control panel with climate control with the automatic and manual modes and the audio system of Bose. Under "music" the switch allowing to choose on the run full or only the back drive and to block interaxal differential is installed. Inclusion of the lowered number of transfers is carried out by the lever to the left of the check point selector. The chosen mode of transmission is displayed by the pictogram on a tachometer scale. Over a saloon rear-view mirror there is a liquid-crystal display showing temperature in salon and behind a board and also time.

Special niches are provided in a big cargo compartment for a jack and a quantity of wrenches. The luggage carrier can be fenced off the grid which is included in the package.

Along all body there passes the wide footboard which not only facilitates an entrance to salon, but also perfectly protects the lower part of a body from the water and dirt flying from under wheels.

Doors when opening are fixed in three provisions. The back door rises in almost vertical position, allowing to approach the car closely when loading or unloading baggage. If necessary it is possible to lift back glass for ventilation or transportation of lengthy objects.

Under a cowl V6 engine of 3,3 l with a power of 168 h.p. This rather tyagovity power unit does the car in a sports way temperamental.

For the American car at the Infiniti QX4 absolutely not a characteristic suspension bracket - rigid and elastic.

When overcoming defects of a covering, tram ways, snow parapets and other obstacles shock-absorbers instantly extinguish any push. The maneuver is facilitated by the fact that the surrounding situation is well controlled thanks to high landing, the big area of a glazing and large mirrors.

The Infiniti QX4 of the first years of release the excellent car which fully met requirements imposed to luxury range. He in vain the J. D. Power company included it in the list of the best compact SUVs of America of 1997.

In 1999 the company carried out restyling.

On the Infiniti QX4 began to install system of the torque-on-demand 4WD All-Mode four-wheel drive (the moment on demand). In usual conditions the rear wheel drive car, and at accelerations or pro-slipping of wheels of the electronic engineer involves the interaxal differential throwing up to 50% of torque for forward wheels depending on the speed of rotation of forward wheels.

Salon, beginning from design and finishing with the equipment, one of strengths the Infiniti QX4 and the main difference from Nissan, more available at the price.

Panels from a nut tree, finishing by expensive genuine leather and suede, the rich list of standard equipment, a 150-watt stereosystem of the class hi-fi from Bose it is possible to add with the branded Birdview navigation system with the 6-inch LCD display.

Since 2001 QX4 received 3,5 l the engine (VQ35DE) which with a mechanical box develops the power of 250 h.p. and torque of 325 Nanometers. With "automatic machine" indicators slightly others - 240 h.p. and 360 Nanometers.

to pass to the operation manual, maintenance and repair of the Infiniti QX4

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