Service of the Infiniti QX4 since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. Maintenance instruction
3. Routine maintenance
4. Engine
5. Cooling system and heating
6. Feed and control systems
7. Systems of start and charge
7.1. Specifications
7.2. Check of a condition of the generator
7.3. Check of serviceability of a condition of a starter
8. Transmission line
9. Brake system
10. Suspension bracket and steering
11. Body
12. Electric equipment



7.2. Check of a condition of the generator

On a cover to the party of the generator there are plugs designated by letters of "S", "L" and "In".


    Make sure of completeness of a charge of the rechargeable battery. Check serviceability of a condition of all safety locks and fusible inserts in the block of distribution of power located near the right support of a rack of a forward suspension bracket in a motive compartment of the car. If any of inserts has a brown shade, check a chain electrical wiring on the site between the block of distribution of power and the plug "B" of the generator for existence of signs of short circuit on weight. Make necessary recovery repair. Turn a key in the ignition lock in position of RUN and observe reaction of a control lamp of a charge on an instrument guard. If the lamp does not light up, pass to performance of the following check, otherwise the following paragraph should be missed. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the S and L plugs on a back cover of the generator and by means of a wire crossing point ground the last ("L") on weight — if the lamp does not work, check actually its condition, and also a condition of the corresponding electrical wiring and a safety lock. At operation of a lamp replace the built-in regulator of tension. Start the engine and lift its turns till 1500 a minute. If the control lamp of a charge does not light up, therefore system as it should be, otherwise pass to the next stage of check. Kill the engine and check effort of a tension of a driving belt of the generator, and also a condition of contact plugs "B", "S" and "L" on back a cover and a safety lock of a chain of the S plug. Execute necessary recovery repair. If all under control elements are found in satisfactory condition, pass to the following stage of check. Start the engine and leave it working at single turns. At operation of a control lamp you pass to the following stage of check, otherwise system as it should be. Lift engine turns till 1500 a minute and measure tension on the generator plug "B". If the result of measurement surpasses value in 15.5 B, replace tension regulator. Tension underestimated in relation to onboard demonstrates break of a field chain. Make necessary recovery repair of the generator.

Check on a workbench

Hitachi generator design — see the illustration Design of the Hitachi generator used on the Infiniti QX4 models.



    By means of a digital multimeter check existence of conductivity between the sliding contact rings an anchor. In the absence of conductivity replace an anchor. Check conductivity between each of the sliding rings and the core of anchor assembly. Conductivity has to be absent, otherwise the anchor is subject to replacement. Measure diameter of the sliding rings — the minimum admissible value is given in Specifications.



    By means of a digital multimeter check conductivity between stator core wires. In the absence of conductivity the stator is subject to replacement. Check conductivity between the core and each of stator windings. Conductivity should not be. The faulty stator is subject to replacement.

Diode assembly

The separation of diode assembly from the stator is made by an otpaivaniye of connecting wires — try not to overheat diodes!


    Connect a positive wire of a digital multimeter to a positive plate of diode assembly, a negative wire — to any diode plug. Consider the indication of the measuring instrument, then change polarity of connection and repeat check. Conductivity has to take place only in one direction. Working in a similar manner, check each of assembly diodes. If during any of checks conductivity takes place in both directions or is absent at both measurements, diode assembly is subject to replacement.



    Check freedom of sliding of brushes in holders. In case of need smooth out guides of holders. Attentively study brushes on existence of cracks and signs of excessive wear. Check integrity of brush springs Make sure that the residual length of brushes does not go beyond the minimum admissible limit (see Specifications) — restrictive basic tags in a look рисок can be drawn also directly on a body of brushes.

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7.1. Specifications
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7.3. Check of serviceability of a condition of a starter